OneTwoThree Table

The two main features of methalcrylate are transparency and colour.
These are not conventional stackable tables where each table is placed on top of the other. This coffee table is actually
made of three separate transparent tables combined together to form one colorful mix.
But if you need an other table…here it is!
ONE, TWO, THREE…colours!

Exhibited at Salone Satellite 2014
manufactured by Ag Products



This suspension lamp is made with black semi-opaque methacrylate.

It’s available also in opaline white color.

Selfproduction, 2014


Trifula chair

In the ancient, Greek-influenced dialect of Southern Apulia, “trifulo” means ‘rush’; a word that is just as ancient as the
craftsmanship of this common seaside plant, whose stems are tangled together by the hands of skilled artisans to form dense fish traps.
Trifula is not just a reinterpretation of a garden iron chair, but also embodies a dialogue between the handicraft and the industrial production.
Trifula is a tribute to ancient traditions that are disappearing as well as to the use of natural materials, such as the rush, which create incredible embroideries with their durability and flexibility.
Prototype, Salone Satellite 2014


Pumo lamp

One of my favourite industrial products is the cable tie. Within this project I aim to highlight both its usefulness and aesthetic value.
In Southern Italy, the Pumo is an artifact made in ceramic that resembles the bud of a flower and symbolizes the beginning of a new life.
Prototype, Salone Satellite 2014



Diamanti lights

Diamanti lights is a collection of suspension lamps made in transparent methacrylate.
Various planar blades just hanged up draw a wireframe diamonds that with refraction and transparency are enhanced to reveal such an hologram inside the diamond-shaped structure.

Exhibited at Salone Satellite 2014

Manufactured by AG Products


BalOOn pot

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by objects. What interests me is how we can reobserve and reinvent existing objects, particularly industrial ones, which are often so beautiful in their essentiality. 
What we could do with an eye bolt? 
Just hang a baloon inside and a hanging pot  on the wall is created!

Prototype, Salone Satellite 2014

  • Ballon Pot