I enjoy discovering the playful aspect of items and tools that are employed in our every day life. Often using the caliper in my work, I once noticed how it resembles a mouth talking and there it came the inspiration for a series of talking puppets called Callypuppets!

Callypuppets are suitable for both small children and older children and there’s no limit to the amount of stories and adventures they can create! They can even put on mini shows by building a small stage with the packaging provided. Thanks to its natural finish, you can also paint it in your favourite colour!

Callypuppets are made of laser cut wood and assembled in my own studio with non-toxic glues. It is a toy designed with children in mind, so we use only natural materials and no small pieces.



I am Leofoto-3

I am Raffa


I am Cocco

foto-2 2 foto-1bis

I can open and close my mouth…


..and I can eat you!teatro2

With my package you can build a little theater and create several stories!

And..How big is your mouth?